Daniel Vestergaard


Composer and pianist

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Soundtrack, minimalism and ambient are the three keywords in the music composed by Daniel Vestergaard.


With influences from a great deal of film music (Zimmer, Morricone, Eno), ambient music (Eno) and minimalism (Glass) this music is a mix between meditative and film music. The music composed mostly for piano and strings consists of chord-progressions with few chords, simple harmonies and melodies. There are slight elements of electronic, brass, woodwinds and percussion. The music is not complex and that is also my intention. Very much film music is quite simple and its interesting to realize how much one tiny tone can do.


I am looking for film, short film, game, commercial etc. than I can compose some music for. If you need any music please contact me by e-mail: danielvest24@gmail.com



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Daniel Vestergaard